The erotic romance I tell in The Dreaming: Eros Fantasia is different than most of the writing that I do, and it has a very second person feel to it even though it's written in first person. I wanted the reader to feel like he or she could be a part of the story, be either the 'I' or the 'you'. In a standard story, that would be harder because of the concrete descriptions required to visualize the characters, but with The Dreaming, the setting allowed me to change the descriptions throughout: hair and eye color changes from one dream to the next, or even inside some dreams; and body type and shape shifts, as well. This may throw off some readers, but what I hope is that the technique allows for a more immersive read.

The idea for The Dreaming: Eros Fantasia came from the difficulty I was having in one of my own relationships: we could just never seem to find the time to be together. But, I thought, what if we could dream together? Wouldn't that be almost even better than meeting in real life? So I sat down and started writing the manuscripts that eventually turned into this novel. The overarching theme--that we can't escape the things that haunt us, they must be faced with love and daring--came about slowly, as I saw reflections of the protagonists' problems in my own experience.

Anyway, hope you like it.

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