Just for you: a preview of the cover for my upcoming short work, Arachne in Lust: Arachne's Erotic Adventures in Space, about the lusty spaceship captain, Arachne Blanc and her nymphomaniac first mate, Lilly One. And, yes, eventually there may be tentacles. --LA

Well, here it is after multiple edits and versions and cover snafus, The Dreaming: Eros Fantasia, live, ready, and willing for you to purchase on Smashwords. Hopefully it'll go live on Amazon, soon, too.

Anyway, it's a story about two lovers who are unable to be together in the 'real' world and so must meet in the world of dreams. There, they have the luxury of exploring one another's bodies and the Dreaming, itself. However, they soon discover that you can't always leave your troubles behind when you sleep--there are dark places in the Dreaming, fed by their own fears and insecurities. Overcoming those fears and perservering will require a love like no other.

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In a future blog posts, I'll talk about the genesis of the book and about other projects currently in the works. See you then!